Thursday, January 21, 2010

Loving this rainy winter weather!

We are having some different weather here in SoCal. The rain is very welcomed by me as we have been experiencing a lack of water here in the south land and this is helping to replenish our reservoirs. So when it rains I get to sit and sip hot tea, have glowing candles lighting the shadowed corners, little kitties curl up and sleep deep slumbers, I get leisurely reading time with good books, and I get to draw in my sketch book. Lately I  have been interested in Zentangles and this is one I did last night. A meditative process with no purpose other than to just make marks on your paper and step into the left side of your brain. Hoping you stay dry and find a cozy place to sit out the storms.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rethinking the green . . .

Tonight I sit here with my fingers on the keys contemplating what I want to share with you. I find myself thinking of how I like to use my  rose colored glass to view the world. I like my Pollyanna view most of the time, but I may need to light up the dark dusty rose to a more pinkish hue on those lens.
I am finding that even though I am in my 50's, I still think like a five year old when it comes to matters of finance. Now, you may think, how the heck can she do that?! I have been surrounded by people who are financially responsible and have compensated for my lack of wanting to be "mature" about money. Money burns a hole in my pocket. If I have it, I must spend it. What else are your wants for but to be instantly gratified?!!! You can imagine how frustrating that may be for those around me that see the bigger picture and are actually trying make sure our future is secure!! Thank God he blessed me with people who can do that! So in the interest of, gulp, growing up a bit, I am working on matters of finance these days. Wondering what some of the things are you are working on these days . . .

Friday, January 8, 2010

Playing around . . .

Just stopping by to share a little playing around I did today. I created the bottom picture in a little journal I had made in December, but I never really liked it. So my adage is, if you don't like something, slap some gesso over it and work on it some more. I like this as a journal page much better. I have been an avid journaler, but not in art journals and this year I am hoping to transition more into the art journal world. I also want to let you know that La Fourchette is offering us some wonderful vistas of France to warm our hearts and minds as we start into the New Year. Check out the beautiful calendars Leslie is offering at the link on the right. The eye candy is worth the time!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still of the optomistic mind set . . .

My heart is feeling very full at the moment. An overwhelming feeling of well being and gratitude is coloring my perceptions and experiences. In the ebb and flow of life, I love this grounded feeling. I wish I could remember that it is always available to me, but for today, I am thoroughly enjoying it! On those days I am kvetching and ranting, will one of you please kindly point me back to this post?!!
The New Year is bringing with it a feeling of wanting to do some new things. Known to a few near and dear to my heart, I struggle in ugly ways with doing art shows. I have decided to listen to that small voice that has been my constant companion which says, I am destined to teach and to give up doing art shows. So this year, my actions will be more geared in that direction. I totally trust the teaching experience and how it unfolds, a more engaging fit for all of us! I am going to take a yoga class. I found one being offered at the local junior college and the timing is perfect. I have also researched finding a book group, and am happy to say I have found a potential one I will be checking out at the end of the month. These are a few things I am doing to not change who I am, but rather letting who I am unfold more fully. I am learning to make peace with my decisions and make the best of this journey called my life. Wishing lightness of spirit to you today.