Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take a little red, a little blue . . .

I have been excited about an online painting class that Julie Prichard is offering in her land of Lost Luggage! Today I took the plunge and did my first lesson and created a couple of fun pages! I was nervous to start, but it is not hard and it is actually very fun! Julie is a great teacher! this is my first attempt to do a painting class online and I like it! The class is still open for registration, so head on over to http://www.landoflostluggage.typepad.com and see what all the hoopla is about! I can't wait for the journaling class that starts this fall!
I also am doing an online class with KC Willis of Lipstick Ranch and I am almost done with my first piece for her Collage Camp. I will get that wrapped up and post a picture in the next couple of days! My summer vaction is definitely off to a good start!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Little bits and pieces . . .

The piece I am sharing today was made with little bits and pieces I've picked up over time. When I thought about the words bits and pieces I was reminded of life and how the little bits and pieces of our days become our lives. Some of the pieces on this doll were given to me, likewise the wisdom given to me by my mom. Some were picked up off the ground, like things learned through the school of hard knocks. Some were bought to be used one day, similar to good times shared with those we love which carry us through the tougher times we have to face later.
When I first made this doll, I liked her. Then I looked at her and thought she looked too much like a robotic type warrior. Then I looked at her some more, and I softened to the way she is. Now when I pass her on the wall, she makes me smile. Thinking today about the bits and pieces and how they come together to create our lives.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday morning reflections . . .

Settling back into the comfort of sitting here with my blog and letting a few ideas "spill on to the paper." I realized that I am resistant to being here when I find I haven't been creating and don't have new pictures to share everyday about my current project. I want to move beyond that and post new things when they happen, but give myself permission to come here when it may just be my words that I am creating with on any given day. I find myself wanting to take a time out with all the competition I have been imposing on myself in the creation process and allow myself the joy of just being in the process once again. I have missed that. I don't want to be justifying what I have been making or not making, and I want to honor my walk on my own path of discovery and achievement. And I want to stay connected with anyone who finds themselves on this page on any given day and wants to share where they are on their journey. It's the connection I crave, not the competition. Already my heart feels lighter for having shared this and I am happier for having been here today.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some color in my art room . . .

I have been in the mood for flowers lately. It may be because it is spring, it maybe because I can't resist the splash of color. The flowers I posted are made of silk, chiffon, organza, and tulle. I love the way the material responds to heat and creates that ruffled edge. The plaster flowers are just something I had to experiment with to see what would happen. I like the way they turned out and am happy to have a little stash of them to use on upcoming projects. I like it when I respond to that inner urge to just try something with no goal in mind other than to see what will happen. I am not always so brave in the real world, but it is easy to do in the art room! Hoping you have color and/or courage in your day today.