Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My but the time flies by!

I am happy to be back on my blog page! I don't know why I was reluctant to post in April, but I have missed it. My apologizes to those of you who came to visit with me and found me MIA! I think I was getting a bit nervous about having to post a piece of art each time I blogged, and some days I just didn't have a piece of art to share. I have decided that I can fill in my nonart days with my other photos. Lord knows, I have about 1000 photos from my two trips to France to share, we shouldn't get bored!
This past month has been interesting. I had a chance to visit with my BFF when she made a short visit to California on family business. We had a great day on her last day here, visiting the Quilt museum on Point Loma, eating a fabulous lunch at Prime Island on Harbor Island (I had a salad called Deborah's Skirts on Fire Salad!, it was excellent!) coffee at Starbucks and wandering around the new Trader Joes.
I had a most gratifying time with my sister of the heart, Linda and her friend Betty when we turned Linda's backyard into a metal etching laboratory and created some excellent pieces I'm sure will be turning up in future projects. I am thankful we didn't blow up the backyard spa with our chemical concoctions! I also took a class of Linda's on shrink plastic and we found ourselves at a most wonderful store in San Clemente called Present Tense - what a great collection of fun and inspiring art! After each selecting a treasure from there we found our way to the pier and had lunch and toasted to how good our lives are!
So life is still good. Some ups and downs, but that's what makes it life and today, everyone is doing well and I am happy. I have missed my friends Lu, Max and Teresa, but I am going to have a great outing with them in May so I will post about that later. To boast just a little, I have some of my art published in the newest issue of Belle Armoire magazine this month (see page 71). Speaking of art, I have been thinking that I didn't do much this month, but as I looked around, I see that I have actually been productive. I rarely do a project in one sitting, and sometimes things sit on my art table for quite some time before I know what the next step is that needs to be taken. Today the juices where flowing and I actually took several things all the way through to completion! That is a rare day, but one that feels very satisfying! I took pictures and will post those works in the days to come. So as they say on Extreme Home makeover, welcome home Deborah, welcome home!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!

I am hoping I still have a reader or two who checks in to see what's new! I seem to be settling into a routine of a couple posts per week and I am fine with that for now. I spent some time at the beach today, reflecting and observing and came up with the following I wanted to share.

My ears hear pieces of conversation, buckets being put down, waves rushing towards the shore, children shrieking and a soundless wind that only I can hear.
My skin is warming in the sun and my hair blows past my eyes, pages ruffling in the breeze and my pen marks the lines in my notebook.
I taste the salt of the ocean and the coffee I had before, I taste the white foam like lacy sugar.
I see silver reflecting off olive green water, weathered gray planks with rusted metal nails, birds gliding above the water, then diving and floating on the ocean. I see a world beneath the surface I can barely imagaine, at once terrifying and fascinating me.
I smell ocean smells, salt and clean air, sandy smells, grease from the nearby reasturant, water on feather smells.
This brings me a feeling of being home. Of being full inside and content. Of feeling very safe and in the presence of something most sacred and honorable. I am home.