Monday, February 25, 2008

Looks like it's time to buy a new car . . .

The car is not for me, but for my mom, who's car was totalled in an accident this afternoon. She is bruised and sore, but is okay. I thank God for that!!! I am on my way up to assist her and be the wheels she needs until she gets herself mobile again. I am so grateful to be only a 4 hour ride away and that I can go at the drop of a hat. I am so grateful she is not hurting more than she is. So until I get home this weekend, this will be my last entry for the little art room in the back for the week.

Please be safe on the road and wear your seatbelts!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

This has been a creative last few days. I attended an excellent clay class on Friday with Carla at and had a blast! It was raining outside, we were snug in Carla's studio and we were all happy to be there and creating. I will post my piece after it is fired, glazed and ready to hang on the wall. This has been the year for playing in clay and I am liking it!

Sunday was a teaching day at Studio Maureen in San Diego and the women were impressively cranking out the soldered glass charms and digging it! It is always a high for me to see the women tenderly holding their charms and smiling as they go on about their day, knowing they had a good time and found their time well spent.

Creating art is one of those things that you can immensely enjoy in the company of other creative souls, or tucked away in your little art room in the back by yourself and lost in the zone. It would be easy for me to isolate in my art room, but teaching and taking classes helps get me out there and mingling with other talented spirits. I am blessed to have the best of both worlds.

I have been aware that my thinking for most have my life may have been coming from a place of scarcity, not enough time, not enough love, not enough money, not good enough, not pretty enough, yada yada yada . . . But my thinking has been turning around and I am realizing that our universe has more than enough for everyone, it all depends on where I want to put my focus.

"Nothing is owned and the sooner you realize this, the more you'll be able to tune in to the wonderous principle of abundance."

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A blank piece of paper . . .

This morning found me in the little art room with my sketchbook in hand. Those that know me are aware that I am addicted to drawing these little faces. There is something very soothing and almost meditative for me when I draw them. That and circles, swirls and dots.

We are only going to get better at things if we keep doing them. We can't make a break through if we don't keep moving forward now, can we? The things I have been reading lately are reminding me to keep trusting in my art muse, she is not going to lead me in the wrong direction. Nor will yours.

I purposely did not post yesterday because I am like a mother hen with this blog thing. I don't want to smother it to death! I also realized it is going to help me stretch with my photography and getting more familar with Photo Shop. I have lots of photos, but haven't really done much with them. This affords me a new opportunity. I feel like a kid with a new bike and I just want to get out and keep riding it around the block all day!

"All your doubts are obstacles inhibiting your entry into the kingdom of real magic."

Create some magic in your life today.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still here and still learning!

Not that anyone other than me will probably care, but I couldn't understand why the post I wrote this morning was not appearing on my new blog site. (And yes, as soon as I woke up I logged on to make sure my blog site was still there!). A long story shortened - I had posted my entry into a second site which I had accidently created when I couldn't get into this one while I was trying to create it! Technology can drive me crazy! Okay, that is out of my system and I now move forward.

I have had kind responses and encouragement to my new blog and this makes me so happy! I am expanding out of my shell to do this and it makes me feel suppored to keep on going. I do thrive on encouragement, don't we all? I have often thought one of my spiritual gifts was the gift of encouragement, what are some of yours?

Today I had lunch with some old friends I haven't seen for a long while, and I realized how blessed we are by the friendships we have created on our journey. Some people are with us forever and some come and go off the path, but all touch our hearts and lives in ways that make us better people. It's those connections that help to define who we are.

Well, I feel better knowing this is going to post where it is suppose to and I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you!

"But what do you do when the spirit becomes stronger than the rational brain?" - Sera Beck The Red Book



Monday, February 18, 2008

A little nervous, but here I am . . .

Okay, I am the new kid on the blog block, feeling a little nervous, more excited and really happy to be here! My blog is in birthing mode, but I wanted to just get out here, and like in life, I will refine as I go. Can you relate? It's about playing, learning something new, taking risks and trusting in the journey. My friends who have been hearing me say, "I want to create a blog this year" will be happy I have actually done so. Me too!!

A little about me, more will be revealed as my blog grows and I get braver. I am a mixed media artist, living in southern California with my husband of 30 years and our 3 kitties. I am blessed with wonderful friends and a supportive family. I play, teach and am a hoarder of art books and magazines. I love the question, "What happens if . . ."

I love rocks, metal ( rusted is better), glass, fiber, paper and my little art room in the back. I am learning to trust in my own art style. I am happy to keep learning how to release the art muse who resides in me. My favorite start to the day: sleep in a little, get that first cup of coffee, shuffle off to the little art room in the back, read something inspirational for the day, pick up a piece of paper, paint brush or piece of metal and see what happens. Ahhh, life is good.

Please come by often and say hi! I am so happy to be here!