Friday, September 4, 2009

Checking in and tuning out!

I have just given myself the luxury of spending two whole days reading a wonderful book by a new author, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I could not put this book down, and while it was a pretty big book (444 pages), I loved every minute of reading it! I came to have a great fondness for the characters and their responses to their lives and I can not wait for her next novel to be released (I hope there will be a next one!!). The experience of tuning everything out for two days, relaxing under the fan, drinking iced teas and totally losing myself in this story was a treat for body and soul! Funny how I am using my blog for book and movie reviews!
I am seeing an odd pattern of once a month posting to my blog and I am wondering what that has to say about my relationship to this space. I know I have been sitting quietly these last couple of weeks, not creating at the usual pace. At 54 I am practicing my right to not have to do things that no longer feel right for me. I am getting better at listening to my heart and while I am not graceful at it yet, I am clumsily practicing voicing my desires out loud. I am realizing that while something may be not be right for me, it does not mean that it makes you wrong. I am getting the opportunity to practice loving kindness. Ahh, so this is where I find myself today, happy to have a wonderful story settling inside of me, grateful that I am able to continue to stretch and grow into my potential and making my peace with the heat of the summer!