Thursday, July 31, 2008

My latest project with Carla . . .

Well, I finally took some pictures of my latest clay creation with Carla. This is my prayer altar box that I worked so long and hard on and now sits proudly on my mantle. There are a couple of cool things about this project. It has a removable lid and the view inside (all though a bit blurred in my photo of it!), is very interesting. The inside is glazed and the drawer that slides into the piece contrasts very well with the black interior. The other feature I like is the shrine placed into the piece on the bottom. The removable drawer was a real challenge, but I love the face on the back wall of the inside and the word "serendipity" on the drawer front. The box measures 14" x 6".


Tamsie said...

Thank god, I can do my payroll! This looksl like an amazing and hard/difficult project.

The Artful Eye said...

This clay piece is fantastic. I love how the drawer recesses and you can see the face. What an accomplishment! I love working with clay too. I must now look back at all your wonderful entries. You've been busy and I'm glad to see you are posting.

Thank-you so kindly for passing on this award.

I still have hope one of these days we can get together and work a project.

MJ Alexander said...

Wow - what a beautiful piece! Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us!

:-) Molly

Phillipa said...

thank you for you kind remarks on my first project, couldn't find your email to send a thanks so came over to visit and loved what I saw, your jewelry challenge pieces are so lovely and I must get more done and post photo's.
cheers Phillipa.