Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm back in the land of blogs!

I am home and back to blog posting! I spent last week with my mom. She was in a bad car accident earlier this year, but now seems to be fully recovered and up to her old tricks. A big relief for me! Mom doesn't have internet access so it's always a step out of the mainstream when I go to her house. I don't mind, it is actually a great way for me to slow down and unwind. I had hoped to have some jewelry pieces to show you for the jewelry challenge, but J. has been home all this week and it hasn't afforded me the time I have wanted to play. He will be back at work on Thursday, so maybe by Thursday night or Friday?
I went to the Quilt Show in Long Beach on Friday and it was excellent! The vendors and the art were almost overwhelming, but so cool to see! I picked up a few things to play with, hopefully to be pictured in future postings. One of the highlights was to get to meet Beryl Taylor and watch her create some of her material paper. There was also some of her original art from her book and and it was a treat to see it in person. The art quilts were fabulous and made me want to just sit at my machine all day and play with fibers and material. So little time and so many projects!
Today I picked up the newest issue of Somerset Studio's Artful Blogging magazine, and it is as good as the first two issues. I love that publication. In fact, I was driving to the store to buy it when the earthquake hit just before noon today. I didn't feel a thing, but plenty of other people with their feet on the ground did! I have already sat down with the magazine and gone cover to cover looking at the pictures, but now I want get a cup of tea and actually read the articles. The fun thing to do after that is to go check out all these new blogs I haven't been to before.
It's so good to be back. I leave you with this thought. Do something fun for yourself today. It may just be 15 minutes to paint with one of your favorite colors, or to write a poem, or to watch the birds at the feeder in the backyard. But do take the time to do something just for you today. You'll be the richer for it.

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Tamsie said...

Thank goodness, a post. With my sister taking a "vacation" from her blog and you out of pocket, my payroll has been so boring!
Welcome home.