Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am experimenting here today. I was surprised when I returned from my mom's to find out that I had been selected to receive a blog award from this nice lady. I am new to the blog world and have not received such an honor before, so I am trying to follow the directions to get my links in where they are suppose to go. Hope this is going to turn out the way I want it to!
I need to nominate other people for this award so here is my list of people who inspire me.
1. Leslie at La Fourchette S'est Emballee she will make your mouth water and your eyes happy while she shares her experience in France with us.
2. Deryn at Something Sublime who inspires us all with her jewelry creations and fun jewelry challenge this summer.
3. Liz at Be present, be here a grounding soul who always makes me feel happy that I have checked out her blog.
4. Andrea at The Artful Eye a very accomplished artist whom I am always happy to see in a class we may be taking together.
5. Katie at Joyously Becoming a very talented artist who's work inspires me on a deep level.
6. DJ at DJ Pettitt a very sharing and wonderful artist who posts very faithfully to her blog.
7. Joanna at Moss Hill a very inspirational spirit and artist whose creations touch my heart.

So with a humble heart I thank Molly for nominating me for this blog award and encourage you to visit with the very talented women I have linked for you above. I hope they will appreciate how much pleasure they have given to us by sharing on their blogs. If you have been nominated and would like to pass on this award, please add the logo to your blog. Link back to the person who has nominated you. Nominate seven other worthy receipents. Add links to their blogs and then leave a message for them to let them know. Enjoy passing along the good feelings!

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