Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What makes us happy

A couple of things have made my heart very happy this week (and it is only Tuesday!) I received a very cool package on Saturday from my BFF and here's something I think is very awesome. The second the package was delivered, she called. This is not the first time this has happened with us. We definitely have that spiritual connection going on and time and distance does not matter for us. I just love the way the universe works like that! Did I mention that her present was a painting? She had me paint a canvas to use as the background and then she painted on top of that and she made me smile from ear to ear! I'll ask her permission take a picture to post here. There is some writing on the back of it, which I will keep between the two of us, but know that she makes me laugh more than anyone else in my life! I love the perspective God gave to her and the ways she chooses to share that in the world!!
I also found an email in my inbox yesterday from a newer friend who has been hard to connect with this past year, but who has definitely been worth the effort to stay in touch with. I loved that she reached out to say hi!
On Friday I had the best day with Linda! We went to Paper Tales (a new stamp store in San Diego) which was very fun to be in and to help support! Next we went to the Quilt museum and met an awesome fabric artist named Bob Adams who has just opened a new exhibit well worth your time to visit! We lunched at the new restaurant next door, Solare, and then took in the Art Gallery for kids. This gallery is for kids going through trying times, and it was very touching to learn about it and to see the art. Then we were off to India Ink and Dick Blick's! What a perfect day!! I also had a fun PMC group on Sunday that I taught, and I have to say, when I look at this post I can only conclude that my life is very good!!!
So I am off to see Sex in the City today. I have spent some time in the art room cleaning up this morning and it is calling me to come back in and create now that I have some empty space on the counters! I am feeling the need to do a quick skimming off the top of things in there and to let go of some items I will probably not be using after all. If anyone knows of a place that would welcome a donation of art supplies, please let me know.
And because I always like leaving you with an inspiring thought, ponder this for a minute or two today. "Create an inner harmony where your loving soul guides your physical behavior, rather than having your soul always come in second place."

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Tamsie said...

Hey, looking at that picture reminds me...are you going to paint your screen door? It's really cool looking and with your painting talent, well, it would really be special.
The sun is trying to peek out here. But for me, I am processing payroll.