Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Easy summer days . . .

Life is good today. It has the feel of lazy summer days, no high pressure to get a lot done, plenty of time for reading and even the occasional nap! My big concern for the day is the health of the stray cat that hangs out at our house, affectionately known as Siamese Kitty. It is hard for me to diagnose him as he doesn't let me get close enough to touch him, but it appears something may have bitten him in the mouth. Poor guy! It seems he always has to bear the brunt of taking the hard knocks in the kitty world. He has the gentlest of blue eyes and I can tell he wants to be included, but he just can't afford to let his guard down completely. We work it out as best we can, keeping a respectful distance for his comfort.
Last night I was having a hard time getting to sleep, so I got up to read and started reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. I don't normally go for this type of book, but I am intrigued by this story of a young man who turns his back on what he knows and goes out into the wilderness of Alaska for a "raw, transcendent experience." There is something that pulls at you to want to know if he found what he wanted. He dies out there by himself, so I don't know if we will ever really know the answer to that one. I typically like happily ever after endings, this is not going to be one of those. Is it a coincidence that I have also started reading Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck? If I start giving away all my art supplies and talking about taking off for the great outdoors, someone give me a wake up call and a reality check please!
So, today it will be a time of reading, a bit of art room play and keeping my eye on Siamese Kitty. My thought I leave you with for the day is this: "Each place along the way is somewhere you had to be in order to be here." Do you like where you are?


Tamsie said...

Hope the book is good. I want to see the movie, Into the Wild.
The weathere here is finally warming up! Should be in the 80s for the rest of the week.
I have payroll and monthly sats to do. I'd rather be reading.

The Artful Eye said...

Glad to see you are enjoying your days! Won't you be posting some of your beautiful artwork?