Monday, June 30, 2008

We all need watching . . .

Yesterday I took a class with Lisa Bebi at Stamping Details. I was disappointed in the class, but I am happy with the way I was able to save this painting. Isn't it funny how we are? I woke up several times last night so obsessed about the way my art turned out in class and I was so determined that I would be able to salvage it. I know at worse, I can gesso over the whole thing and begin again, but I am working harder these days on making mistakes work for me. When I came home with this piece yesterday it only had the three ladies in the middle, floating in space and time and looking very lost. But as I worked with the idea of adding the nest and eggs, and then the lady on the side, I realized I really liked where these three ladies ended up in this painting. The picture is more dimensional now and I am really happy with the 3-D effect it has. It reminds me that we all need someone watching out for us who is on our side. Sometimes we do that for each other, and sometimes we need a larger force out there who can see the bigger picture.
I am almost done with the third project for Deryn's jewelry challenge, so I am going to end for now and go get that done. I hope you find some time in your day today to play, too!

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