Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Playing in the Art Room and Other Thoughts

Today was a play day. I have almost finished the mosaic piece I started on Sunday and I really like it. I will post a picture of it soon. Today was a good day for staying in and playing as it was cloudy and cool out. The day was started early at a 5:00 awakening and then some coffee and reading in my SOM and Deepak Chopra's The Book of Secrets. The first secret is the mystery of life is real. DC makes a very interesting analogy of the life of a cell and the life a person. The part I liked the best was, "Your idea of efficiency is to let the flow of life bring you what you need. Force, control and struggle are not your way." He goes on to say, "Cells function with the smallest possible expenditure of energy. Typically, a cell stores only three seconds of food and oxygen inside it's cell wall. It trusts totally on being provided for. Excessive consumption of food, air or water is not an option." I really like this concept.
The second spiritual secret is, "You are not in the world, the world is in you." My favorite part of this chapter is the discussion of meditating on a rose. This is the first book I have read of his and I have to say I am enjoying his perspective.
J had the day off for a dentist appointment so we went to breakfast and sat outside and leisurely started our day.
The most unhappy part of the day is Gwen captured a little bird, twice. Both times I rescued it and it flew away - I always feel bad when the cats get a bird. They have also brought me gophers, baby bunnies, gigantic moths and lizards. Gwen seems to be an exceptionally good huntress. I know she is only doing what comes naturally to her. It makes me feel a bit like St. Francis, having to rescue the animals and setting them free again.
Tonight I leave you with this idea to ponder, "Everything you are against can be restated in a way that puts you in support of something. Instead of being against war, be for peace. Instead of being against poverty, be for prosperity. Instead of joining a war on drugs, be for purity in our youth." It's an interesting challenge, isn't it?

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The Artful Eye said...

Nice positive words. Glad to see you in action. Still finishing up my piece from Sunday.