Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life is good . . .

Life is feeling good today! I find myself feeling energized and content with what is on my plate. I finished my piece with Carla and have posted it here. I love this quote, it feels like my new mantra these days. It is this feeling that allowed me to start my blog. I'm not feeling particularily chatty today, but wanted to share the clay piece and say hi to any who stop by. I changed the setting in my comments section to allow anyone who wants to, the opportunity to comment even if they don't have a google account. I like to see who has popped in to visit!

And she said, "Grab a notebook and put into it, words."
And I think of having done that a lifetime ago and the peace that it brought me.
I welcome her invitation and realize it is a part of me I have achingly missed.
Welcome home.


The Artful Eye said...

Deb, I love your finished tile. It's wonderful and also want to comment on your lovely mermaid painting.

Life is treating you well and you're having fun what more can you ask for.

Thank you for your comments and visits.

Tamsie said...

Oh my gosh. The ceramic piece is too cool! Love it. I'm sure you almost exploded when you saw it.
Good post.