Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!

I am hoping I still have a reader or two who checks in to see what's new! I seem to be settling into a routine of a couple posts per week and I am fine with that for now. I spent some time at the beach today, reflecting and observing and came up with the following I wanted to share.

My ears hear pieces of conversation, buckets being put down, waves rushing towards the shore, children shrieking and a soundless wind that only I can hear.
My skin is warming in the sun and my hair blows past my eyes, pages ruffling in the breeze and my pen marks the lines in my notebook.
I taste the salt of the ocean and the coffee I had before, I taste the white foam like lacy sugar.
I see silver reflecting off olive green water, weathered gray planks with rusted metal nails, birds gliding above the water, then diving and floating on the ocean. I see a world beneath the surface I can barely imagaine, at once terrifying and fascinating me.
I smell ocean smells, salt and clean air, sandy smells, grease from the nearby reasturant, water on feather smells.
This brings me a feeling of being home. Of being full inside and content. Of feeling very safe and in the presence of something most sacred and honorable. I am home.


Tamsie said...

Oh to sit at the beach! Glad to have you back. I can't work all day ya know....
Counting the days and hoping to share a coffee and sea breeze with you soon.

The Artful Eye said...

Glad your back.. I guess I'll have to mudder these words every two weeks. :) Lucky you a day at the beach.

Hope your days are fulled with creative bliss.

la fourchette said...

i know those 'water on feather' smells from my days at the edge of the pacific.

this past week has been 'water on cobblestones' - rain for a week. i prefer the sea!

wish i could join you both for that coffee and sea breeze.