Monday, March 24, 2008

Playing in the sandbox, what a fun weekend!

Wow, things went nonstop starting on Friday all they way through Sunday. Friday I went by Carla's to pick up my clay piece, which I am assembling now and will post tomorrow. Stopped by and picked up Ms. Garnet who accompanied me on my trip to San Diego where we dropped things off for the Mermaid show. The picture in today's post is a canvas I painted to included in the show. And no, I did not cut off her head in the cropping, it's suppose to be that way! It's a 12x8 canvas and I love painting on the tall and narrow shape. Ms. Garnet and I lunched in Balboa Park at the Prado and had a thoroughly delightful time! I feel so blessed to have the best of San Diego to play in with great friends!
Saturday was off to Lu's to play with Max and Teresa. What was going to be a PMC project play day turned out to be a birthday celebration instead (no complaints from this department!). Our PMC project will have to be saved for another gathering.
Sunday was spent at Reef Point in Newport Beach with the family for an Easter Sunday picnic at the beach. Yes, I am a bit red this morning, but not sore and if there's no peeling, I am off to a great tan for the season! I think I am goinghave to give in and start wearing sunscreen, though. It was good food, good company and lots of fresh air and sunshine!
I find myself reading two of Susan Woolridge's books at the same time, Foolsgold and Poemcrazy. The books track well together and I am enoying them both. I am playing more with the ideas in Poemcrazy, exploring more with the written word. I wax and wane on writing, and when I have dropped away for awhile, I always come back to it with delight.
So it's been an exciting last couple of days. Back to the more routine stuff today, lawn mowing, banking/bill paying chores and maybe a little afternoon reading. I found this quote while reading at the beach yesterday and it really spoke to me.
"The future is not some place we're going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination." Just love that! Create your future and enjoy!


Tamsie said...

Great painting. Do you think anyone will know you used me as the model?
Hope this sells to a good home.
I really enjoy when you post pictures of your art. Keep that going.

la fourchette said...

yes! sunscreen!

My mother (I know, I know...consider the source...but she was right on this one!) used to really bug me about my baking the day long with no sunscreen. Her warning that my nose would fall off was just too weird to believe...but now, many (okay..many, many!) years later, I compare my sunbaked skin (though I stopped at age 30) to the French women around me who do not put those lovely faces up to the warm soleil...and I can see quite a difference.

ahem...sunscreen, girlfriend!

Love the new stuff! (That quote from your piece with Carla looks familiar...I love what you did with it!)

bisous from the south of France...