Saturday, March 15, 2008

An artful time . . .

It seems I have turned over a new leaf. I'm taking art down to Studio Maureen at the end of the week and I'm actually getting it done early! Anyone who knows me (and you know who you are!), will be shocked I am not sewing buttons on in the car on the way down to San Diego! The theme is Mermaids and I had two thoughts for projects, one is these little pins. I am pleased with the way they turned out. I am taking down an even dozen. The other project is a painted canvas.

Something interesting happened for me in making these mermaid pins. I didn't want to put much work into them because of the cost of commission. I didn't think I would be getting much for them so I wasn't going to put much work into them. But as I worked on them and had them to the point I thought they were done, I looked at them and decided they needed to have some ribbon, then they needed some beads and then some fiber. As I kept working on them I decided that it wasn't about the money, it was about using my time to put a little piece of joy into the world. Who wants anything that is made with stinginess ?!! I also realized that if I didn't use my material and get my art out there, I would forever be holding on to my stuff and whatever potential it had when I bought it would never be realized. So I turned a corner so to speak, and I realized it's like reading all these books on spiritual matters. The books are great and very inspirational, but if I don't get out of the house and use this stuff in the real world, it's not really much good other than making me have some warm fuzzy feelings on the couch.

I had a great day yesterday with my friend Linda as we did our trip to Stampington and Company, lunch in Santa Ana and a little shopping at The Art Bar. Man, some days I can't believe how lucky I am that this is my life. I hope I am not using up all my good karma this time around and next time I have to come back as a slug!

Ah, this is what happens when I don't post for awhile, I get chatty and don't want to stop. So I will leave you with this thought. "Intentions are the energy of your soul coming into contact with your physical reality."


Tamsie said...

The Mermaids are very cool. I hope they all sell (and not to my mom!)
Picked up the latest issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry and saw your two picture/article spreads! Very cool!
Thearipist has the flu...will reschedule.

Hugs, me

Deborah Truesdell said...


Thank God for my number one fan! What would I do without you?!!

Love you best!

The Artful Eye said...

Glad you're back and posting art.

I love these little mermaidens, very creative. I bet you and Linda had a blast. It's nice to have friends that share the same interests.