Thursday, May 22, 2008

Truth or dare

This week has found me teaching, working in Carla's studio on my altar box piece, and taking a trip with the girls to visit the Bower's Museum exhibit of the Chinese Clay Soldiers. It has been a good week and I have found myself doing some reflecting on past behaviors, past actions and past attitudes. I am coming to some truths about myself that I don't necessarily like, but am glad to be getting some awareness so maybe I can do some things differently in the future. Although, I would like to think I am just about the here and now! I have been secretly harboring a victim's attitude in my life, and I didn't really think I was. I kept thinking that other people were holding me back, but I know now, it has been me. I wish I could tell you I have come to a totally enlightened place with my new awareness, but I am still working it out and hoping for the best. Life is a funny thing, at times I don't want to think about it at all, and other times all I want to do is figure it out, put it neatly in a pretty box and tie it up with a beautiful bow. So today, I have shared a truth about myself and who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be a dare for you!

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Tamsie said...

Deb, What? You mean you aren't totally evolved? What the hell! Move over people, Debbie needs a seat with the rest of us :)
Crazy week for me. I'm glad it's Friday and a long weekend ahead.
I intend to work on your canvas this weekend.
Enjoy the time alone. I would in your shoes.
Hugs, me