Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back in the nest . . .

Greetings! I have returned to the nest after visiting with the mother bird up north for the Mother's Day weekend. When I drive to my mom's I love to take the back road between Los Alamos and Gaudalupe, it's called State Highway 135. It is mostly a 2 lane road which runs through the fields at the foot of the hills and there is something special in that valley that always connects to my soul. I drive with the fantasy that if I were independently wealthy, had no obligations to anyone or anything, I would buy one of the places in this magical place and live happily everafter. In the spring the hills are green, the skys blue and the wild flowers bloom along the side of the road and hills. In the winter I always imagine perfect family Christmases in the homes on the ranches with the fullest of real Christmas trees center stage in the lvingrooms, the smell of turkeys roasting in the oven coming from the kitchens and the sound of family laughter sprinkling it all with a special glitter effect. I take this low road every chance I get.
A good time was had at my mom's. We watched movies, my favorite was P.S. I Love You, with Hillary Swank. We played many Scrabble games, ate at our favorite Chinese restrauant, bought new shoes, did a little shopping at Ron's Nursery, knitted, sat on the back porch and watched the birds and the trees swaying in the breeze. Life was good.
I am thinking today is a good day to work in the yard, and tomorrow is time for lunch with Garnet and Kathy and maybe an art project in the afternoon. Speaking of art projects, I have another couple of things in the newest edition of Sommerset Studio Gallery, Summer 2008. I have two mixed media canvases on page 164. I didn't even know I was going to be in here until they sent me a copy of the magazine and I stumbled upon my own art! That was a fun surprise.
I have been thinking about eternity lately, and more specifically, about how long that really is. Sometimes thoughts like that can freak me out. They make a coldness settle into my heart that is hard to shake and makes me understand how some people can just go totally mentally insane. Then I get distracted by the current moment again and life settles back into it's normal routine (at least for now!). It's part of that group of thoughts, like imagining the world with no people, or worse yet, the thought of no planet earth becasue the sun has burned it up. I know, weirdness does run through my veins and I don't let many people know about it very often (lucky are the ones I chose to share with the most, right Tams?!).
I will close for now, but it's good to be back in the land of the blog and share my little piece of the world with you guys. I offer you this thought in closing, "We all come from no where to now here to no where. It's all the same. It's all one."


Tamsie said...

Good to hear you had a nice trip.
Life here "Carried On" to quote Tim Gunn.
What a trip to be published and not even know it was coming Soon you'll have a book deal and be selling advance orders through Amazon. If you start publishing pictures of yourself having tea in a wicker chair, I'm slitting my wrists :)
Have a great lunch.

The Artful Eye said...

I don't think we ever spoke of where your mom lived or maybe even you. I lived in Santa Maria for 6 years and I was reading your post about Los Alamos and Guadalupe and shopping at Ron's nursery and those were some of my favorite things to do.

Glad you had a nice time.

Hope you are well.