Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Clay Play Day

I am sitting here at the end of a very good day. It was a clay play day with Carla and I started working on my altar box project. Carla has an awesome piece at her house that really spoke to my heart and I am now working on making one of my own. I will post a picture when it's completed. The plan after calss was to go up to Stampington and pick up published pieces and drop of new pieces, but it was scrapped for a stop at Bistro West for a glass of wine, lunch and wonderful conversation with Linda. What a great change of plans!
Tomorrow is a teaching morning at Studio Maureen and then the weekend is devoted to J.T. before he starts his much anticipated vacation to Williamsburg! You can imagine I am planning to spend some quality time in the little art room in the back!
I have posted a picture I made for my little sister for her birthday. It was fun to do this for her. I am feeling a bit tired tonight, so I will keep this short, but a closing thought, "Your miracles are an inside job. Go there to create the magic you seek in your life."

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