Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Okay, so I am not a techie and when I went to put on the TV to watch the evening news, no TV! I don't know why, it worked yesterday! Does the fact that Gwen gets behind the TV have anything to do with it?! I don't know! So after pushing buttons that I have no idea what they do, and at a lost as to where the documentation is on the TV, I just ate a cookie and decided to make a blog entry!!! Sometimes my life just doesn't make enlightened sense to me!!
I had a good day up until the TV thing. I met Ms. Garnet for lunch in Encinitas, and we all know what that means - after lunch meant a trip to the Black Sheep just a few doors down. I have had a gift certificate for the Black Sheep that has been burning a hole in my pocket and today I used it to get some linen yarn for a sweater I am eager to make. This will make the 3rd sweater I have in process on needles, all in varying stages of completion. I am starting to sense a pattern in my life of liking to start things, but not being so keen on the finishing:( Is this surprising anyone who knows me?!
I am taking off for my mom's in a few days so I won't post again until next week, but my thought to leave you with today is this: "The more you try to force something for your own benefit, the less you'll enjoy what you are seeking so desperately."
P.S. John just called and knew immediately what to do to fix the TV problem - love that guy!

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Tamsie said...

Oh, my...no TV? I see your TV and raise you a blown out stove (allan took the pot roast to his sisters last night and she cooked it for us), a fuel oil purchase that went up $1,300 over last year (rising gas prices really hitting us hard) and a dog with a bleeding something that needs a trip to the vet(this means both Duke and Allan are under extreme stress). Oy vie!
Wish I were going with you! Hugs me