Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yahoo!!! The winner is . . .

Thanks to all who entered into my giveaway! This morning as I was fixing my coffee I pulled the name of the winner and it is Doreen!!! Congratulations Doreen! Please email your address to me and I will get your prize on it's way to you! What a fun way to start the day, I will have to do more giveaways! Carolyn, thank you for posting about my giveaway on your blog, that was very cool of you!
This morning I am off to Whimzy in Tustin for the express purpose of getting some Frozen Charlotte dolls. One of my students this weekend tipped me off about this place and I am so anxious to get some of those treasures in my hands! I was already to take off for this trip yesterday, but at the last minute decided I had better check the days and times they are open, and good thing I looked because they are closed on Mondays! So I mowed the lawn and pulled weeds instead! Today I am making that trip and I will post my treasures for all to see! Congratulations again Doreen, and a big thank you to all who played!


Fanciful Expressions said...

Congrats to Doreen!!!BooHoo I didn't win,but,maybe another day.
I'm thinking of doing another give-away,Deborah. It'll be in May because that's the one year anniversary of my blog. Isn't doing give-aways fun?

Hugs and smiles,

Deborah Truesdell said...


I am sorry you didn't win this time, but I am happy to hear I may have a chance to win in your upcoming giveaway!!! And yes, it really is fun to do this!

Hugs back attcha!

Anonymous said...

Frozen anything should be something one eats! Poor little dolls.
I could write something sappy like: knowing you is the best give away in the world...LOL but I'm not M and you're not KR! wink wink
Glad your art is going to new hands. That's very cool.
I'm on sup line so of course I'm checking blogs! What a great life.

Doreen said...

Deborah: Today I received the piece that I won in your giveaway. It is fantastic! I placed in right in front of where I sit to make my beads. My word for today is "INSPIRE". I'm sure I will change my word as the mood strikes. I just wanted to say what a joy it was to receive your beautifully decorated package with the tiny card and bookmark too! You are so creative! You even sewed on buttons! It feels like Christmas! Thank you so much. I will treasure this!