Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wow, what a weekend!

The pictures posted here are from the class I had on Friday with Karen O'Brien at Stamping Details. The class was on background techniques, and I loved it. I have taken a class with Karen before, and she is an excellent teacher. I learn a lot from her and I like her teaching style. I think DiAnn has talked her into coming back in July, and I'll definitely be signing up for that class, too. In addition to the class I took, I also taught my Birds of Whimsy class this weekend, and it was a great group of students! I truly do get blessed by having the best students in my classes. The thing I love about this class is, they are all given the same kit to start with, but every bird leaves looking very different from her neighbor and each bird is fabulous! One day I will get it together and bring my camera so I can take pictures for you guys from my students. I also participated in the Encinitas Street Faire, and I have to give my partners big kudos for taking care of everything since I had to teach that day. I did get to show up for a glass of wine and the last hour of the show! Sales were not so good for us in this show, so we will continue to look for shows that are a better fit for our art and talents. It was our first show together as a group and it was well worth the experience. So, today I am catching my breath, doing a little laundry, picking up the art room, and mowing the lawn. It is a good day.


Tamsie said...

Deb, the papers are beautiful. This must have been a blast of a class. For all the culture available in St Cloud, we just don't seem to have art classes. Well, unless one is interested in making a dried flower swag. Which is all well and good if you need/like or are "into" dried flower swags.
This is a great way to start my day!
It looks like rain here today. Sporting my cool boots and carrying my huge golf unbrella. Love that thing.

diane said...

Just beautiful Deborah! How wonderful to be able to take a class such as this in your area. I have to come all the way to California~LOL!!

The Artful Eye said...

WoW! I love these papers. Karen is a great teacher but then so are you.