Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some works . . .

Today I was empowered. I had issues with my computer, which I determined to be a modem issue. We happened to have a new modem laying around (who does that?!!), and I was able to connect the new one up. But alas, it didn't allow me to connect to the internet, so a call to the high speed internet provider, an hour of my time later, and still no internet connection. Remember the low battery problem from many months ago . . . well, after J patiently walked me through how to open up the computer, I located the battery, went and got a new one, came home, installed it, went through the process to connect the new modem to our provider and walla! I am able to post a new entry on my blog today! The whole point to all these words is I am not a computer tech person, none of this is in my realm of comfort, but it all came together with help over the phone and I did it!!! I don't feel smart per se, but I do feel a little bit less intimidated! Ahhh, let's get on to art where I am much more comfortable!! The pieces posted are a hodgepodge of things I have worked on and am currently working on. I don't normal post works in progress, but what the heck!

The purple container is a favorite piece of mine that I recently dropped on the floor. I was fortunate in that it only broke along the edge so in contemplating how to rescue it, I was able to glue the pieces together and then solder over the cracks to create this cool metal against ceramic look! I actually like it better now!
The little altered tin is a piece I have been playing with for a bit, I love the colors on this piece.

The book cover is from a book from the 1880's I picked up as one of my treasures from Paris to the Moon last Friday. It is in process, but I love the direction it is going in.

And Tamsie, the last piece is the one from you. Nothing is committed on this piece yet, but I like the feel to the direction it is going in.
So, that's some of what I have been touching in the Little Art Room in the Back lately. I have a few other things in process, but thought you might enjoy a peek into a little corner of my world. Today has been a good day . . .


Tamsie said...

Ok, are you wearing a pocket protector yet? IT Rules...(that's information technology ...I know it's a new language for you)
Great photos. Love the repair job. Makes me want to "drop" something on my tile floor....

Fanciful Expressions said...

Congratulations on your tekkie accomplishment, my friend. I'm proud of you. My computer scares me.
Love the solder on your broken piece. It looks like it always belonged there.