Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today, life is good . . .

Today, life is good. Despite the fact that I only had about 10 trick or treaters last night (down from 100's we've had in the past). Despite the fact that my latest art project practically crumbled apart in my hands. Despite the fact that several of my friends are going through very trying times right now. So lots of Halloween candy for the hubby to finish off. I saved the art project and it will probably look cooler than it would have originally (it will definitely be stronger!) I am happy to say I am feeling strong, resilient and able to be there for my friends that need the support right now. They have stood beside me during my last few trying months and I am happy to able to be present for them. I am feeling more present in my own life right now, focused and more purposeful. I love the strength that can come out of adversity! The picture posted is one I did after my most recent hiatus from creating. I had the faces penciled in, but nothing done with them. Then one day not too long ago, I found the urge to add the color to the page and finish it. I realized my art muses had been waiting for me all along, and they are very patient ladies indeeed.


Tamsie said...

Happy November 1!!!! It was sunny and rainy and sorta warm and cold- all in one day.
Sending you ahuge hug..

Fanciful Expressions said...

Your project looks splendid. I'm so glad that you're back creating and feeling more like yourself.
Halloween was a bit of a dud here too. Not many children came by. Last year there were so many that I almost ran out of candy. Maybe it's the economy???? Maybe that many people are not handing out candy??? I don't know.

Hugs to you my friend,

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Found the girls! love them. I love how you are able to personalize everything you learn from different teachers. You always make it your own and that is always a success!