Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My molecules are buzzing . . .

Today is a very clear and windy day and I love the gusty, blustery wind! It makes me feel like all the cobwebs are getting swept out of my spirit, fresh air is blowing in, and if I listen well, I will hear something important being whispered to me on the wind. I love windy days, they make me feel very alive and energized! I respond to it like some people do to a full moon, I can't resist the pull to the energy swirling all around!

I am posting a picture today from my sketchbook that I made last night. I love using Pentel Energel 0.5mm pens in black to draw with. What I have discovered since taking Suzi Blu's on line class, is that I also love using my Prismacolor colored pencils with my drawings. My sketchbooks in the past have all been done in black and white, but I have come to love that splash of color in there now. I know it is autumn, and I love the fall, but somewhere in me these little spring flowers just wanted to bloom. Listen consciously today and see what is being whispered to you.

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The Artful Eye said...

The cool breeze spoke to me today. I, like you enjoy the cleansing feel.

I love your colored pencil journal page. I need to do more journaling, for change is in the air.

Enjoy the autumn breeze! Miss you.