Friday, May 22, 2009

While the cats away, the mice will play . . .

My hubby is gone on his annual vacation to the "Old Time" music festival and that gives me total freedom to play any way I want! The first part of the week was rocky as he had cancelled flights, missed flights and way too many drives back and forth to the airport. But, it has settled into a good pattern from there! There was ATC group last night and I always enjoy spending time with this group of women. Wednesday was a play date with Debi and Kathie, each of us working on jewelry projects. Tuesday was lunch with Garnet and time spent playing in the art room working on plaster flowers and coloring some altered tins. I have been reading the new Stampington magazines, Sew Somerset and Art Quilting Studio, both have been making me drool. With uninterrupted hours of reading time, I have also been devouring Have You Found Her by Janice Erlbaum. For those of you familar with my quest for the Frozen Charlotte dolls, I finally was able to get them at Glitterfest in Tustin last weekend! I am a happy camper! Sometimes with all this unstructured time I find I don't focus and I feel like I am wasting time. But then my attention will light onto something and I relish the hours I can just be in the zone and not have to be in the real world for hours at a time! Today I have plaster flowers to color and little projects wanting to be finished on my art desk so I will wander to the back of the house and see what the day holds for me. Hoping your day holds some time to create for you.


Fanciful Expressions said...

Sounds like a wonderful week.Are you going to photograph the plaster flowers? I'd love to see them when they're done.
In the meantime have a great week-end.


diane said...

Sounds like the best week ever! What a blessing =)