Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What did you do today?

I have been without my digital camera and I have to say I have missed it! I have been working on flowers, fiber and plaster and I want to share them in pictures with you. The camera returns home on Friday so I can get some pictures posted over the weekend or the first part of next week. Today I went to the Visions Quilt Museum in San Diego and I love buying fibers and books there as much as I like looking at the exhibits. Today was no exception. I bought hand dyed cheese cloth in my favorite colors (pinks, purples and greens) and two very cool books, Fabric Art Collage by Rebekah Meier and From Image to Stitch by Maggie Grey. I love every book Maggie Grey has done, and this one makes me drool as well! My heart is leaning to fabric these days. I am blessed to have lots of choices when it comes time to creating! What are you working on these days?

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Tamsie said...

Oh look, it's Tamsie in the lobby checking the internet before she does payroll!
Miss you. Monday was a drag. Just busy.