Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rich to have a mom and sister!

I have been gone the past week visiting my mom and sister. May is the month of birthdays and Mothers Day and it's a tradition to head north to celebrate! What a good time we had. It's been a long time since I was able to celebrate my little sister's birthday with her on the actual birth date and we went to Morro Bay for the day in her honor. It was fun to play Scrabble together, I like it when the three of us get to play it together. I don't have a big family, but I feel rich with the family I have! I didn't create any art while I was gone, I read, played Scrabble, took walks and ate, oh my gosh, how we ate! This morning I read the following: ". . . what we're really after in life is a feeling, or a set of feelings, or an endless ocean of feelings, rather than piles of what George Carlin used to call "stuff"." My mom calls it creating memory bubbles to be stored up and treasured. I liked the memory bubbles built this past week. What feeling are you after today?


Tamsie said...

Nice to have you back! Miss the heck out of you. Did you get ALL my voicemails?
Today I'm seeking to feel motivated.
I'm pretty much looking for that one regularly at work. Spring slump. Which use to be winter blues.
Praying for Summer Fun!

Fanciful Expressions said...

Memory bubbles---I really like that. I make memory bubbles with my grandchildren every chance I get.Now I know what to call them.
Today I'm seeking inspiration. I'm slowly but surely getting my motivation back after a long dry spell.
The rain that we've been having has finally stopped and I plan on getting out for a walk to find that inspiration.


diane said...

Ahhh, memory bubbles. I see a piece of jewelry with that you do as well =)
Sounds like so much fun to be where you were. And, to play, relax, read, laugh and love. What a sweet, sweet blessing.