Monday, December 15, 2008

Its cold (for So Cal!), rainy and I think we need cookies . . .

Today was one of those rare days in So Cal with lots of rain and wind. It was the perfect day for starting the Christmas cookies I love to make only at this time of year. So I lit all the candles in my living room, got the mixing bowls out and and turned on the oven - yummy!! The house is toasty warm, good smells are in the air and my nest feels cozy and comfy! This is a big part of what Christmas is about to me.
Then I had a most unexpected surprise in the mail today. The house next to us had been abandoned by the former owners many months ago, such a sad sign of the times. In the interest of keeping things looking as normal as possible I would mow the weeds when they got too high. J. would go over and pull the weeds growing up in places we couldn't get to with the lawn mower and we would take in the newspapers that continued to be delivered in spite of my calls to have them stopped. We just generally kept our eye on the place. Well, a couple of weeks ago it was bought at auction and the lovely man who bought it totally fixed it up to sell. He sent us a check for taking care of it before he even owned it! I was blown away! What a nice man! It makes my heart happy to know this man fixed this house up right, and he cares about us wanting to have nice neighbors move in next door. I was very humbled and happy. The real estate situation has so many people feeling callused and cynical these days, and it just made me feel warmed to know it wasn't going to be that way for the house next to us.
Here's another story that warmed my heart and humbled me. I am teaching a class in January using tins to make altered art. I have three class samples in the store and this weekend a customer really wanted to buy one of them. It just so happens that it was my first one and my favorite one, but something told me to let her have it. When I asked if it was for her or someone else after she purchased it, she told me it was for a friend of hers in Colorado who is battling cancer. She bought it to send to her as encouragement. My heart just immediately melted. I am blown away when something from my heart and hands touches someone's heart. It really makes me believe in the power of the Spirit, and man, how that humbles me.
So today I wish you the peace of a quiet, cozy day, filled with your favorite smells and sounds, candles adding gentle light and a heart touched by the Spirit of the season.


Fanciful Expressions said...

What wonderful and inspiring stories. There are many good people in this world that we seldom hear about.So much in the media is downright negative that it's comforting to be reminded that in our daily lives there are angels hovering around us if we only open our eyes and hearts to let them in.
Your cookies look delicious. I too love the warmth and cozy comfort of home.


Tami Roth said...

Deborah, what a sweet posting, and so fun to read through. I needed to hear some positive notions today and your blog was just what I needed-thank you sweetie!!
P.S. Wish I could take your altered tin class in January! Would love to see your samples.

Tamsie said...

The smell of cookies is wonderful! Wish I were there to test them out with a strong cup of coffee.
Hey, interesting, I found Free Trade Organic coffee at Sams Club (like price club). The company is certified by some organization and has a zero carbon foot print rating. I purchased it. Hope it tastes as good as buying it made me feel.
Let's see, it's -9 today with some expected snow later in the afternoon. Sorry about your rain!

diane cook said...

Ahh, what beautiful stories to share with was a blessing to read them.
Happy New Year my friend...