Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It is the busy time of year . . .

We are all in our busy mode these days. Things to be done for Christmas rather it is presents to give, items to make for shows or just the internal need to create, we are all doing it! This morning I was reading this:

"You are blessed because of the love you give forth. In coming days such blessings shall you have that you will feel you have no more room in your heart to receive them. Go now to the tasks that await your hands and I will work with and through you as you fulfill your daily portion of work."

This really speaks to me. I am reminded that the creations we bring forth with our hands, starts in our hearts and brings that love to the people we share our art with. And it's not just our art, it's the way we go about using our hands throughout our day. We drive, do chores, we touch and hug our family, friends and pets, we are cooking and cleaning, planting and writing. Our hands are there to express the love that flows through us in all the actions they take. I don't know about you, but that offers me great comfort as I go about my day today.


Fanciful Expressions said...

What a lovely post,my friend.Also, thank you so much for your compliment on the rings that I posted on my blog. I'm always happy to hear from you and eagerly await your posts~~~you are a wonderful and inspiring writer.


Tamsie said...

Well, I'm working a night shift and I was so glad to see a new post. Makes me feel like we're taking a break with each other.
I did go back are read comments. How sweet~!
My desk is a mess. Focus and clean.