Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No complaining ?!!!!!

I have read a few articles lately that addressed the activity of complaining, or rather, the desire not to. Boy, that made me sit up and take notice. I don't think of myself as a whiner. I like to think I pretty wear my rose colored glasses with panache. But you know, I do have that part in me that is quick to leave a nasty comment out in the universe if something isn't going my way.
I read about a couple who made a commitment to not complain for a month! My gosh, I have to set the bar a lot lower than that! I am just going to try it for a day, and I think I have to start tomorrow, because I may have already complained about something today!!
Today I am going to watch for those situations in which I immediately want to be critical and/or judgmental. When they happen (and trust me, I know they will!) I will use the opportunity to replace those thoughts with being an observer and wishing peace into those situations. Even a day seems like a long time to practice this, but I am going to give it a try and I ask you, the reader, to let me know if you try it and how it works for you!


Tamsie said...

Great photo. Maybe we could start with a few hours of not complaining and get some success under our belt before diving into days, weeks or months.
I read Kelly Rae's blog from Italy and thought, Wow, what would you do if something really bad happened? I may be banned from posting on her blog for writing a response but I felt overwhelmed to say something. Maybe I should have used Allan's words: When you feel down or depressed, take a look at someone in a wheelchair. It's that mid-western simplicity that I find so attractive in him.
Hugs and I'll be guled to my TV all evening. Go Obama!

Tamsie said...

Wednesday, November 12th
YES WE DID!!! Go Obama! No complaining on this one from me.

Meg Wolff said...

I got here from the Beautifully Broken blog. Anti Complaining caught my eye so I thought I'd visit. Like the Buddha statue! I recently wrote a blog post about "vent-fasting" or anti complaining after reading an article by Martha Beck. It was really hard, but it actually got me started on action to solve some things that I needed to. Here is the link if you are interested in reading: http://www.becomingwhole.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/10/inspired-by-martha.html Thanks, Meg

Tami Roth said...

What a wonderful concept and practice this would be if everyone tried this for one day-thank you so much for sharing this with us Deborah! Love your blog!