Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some things for the upcoming show . . .

Just a short post to give you a peek into what I have been working on lately, in addition to my knitting projects, that is. These figures are what I am making for the upcoming art show. They are very rewarding to create. They are the perfect combination of things that speak to my heart, rich colors, metal, inspirational words and cool faces. They range from about 5" to 8" tall. This is my first time putting these up for sale so I will be interested to see how they do. There is a feel of fall in the air and I am loving that!! Fall is my very favorite season and it energizes me in a way no other season does.


MJ Alexander said...

Deborah -

These are just wonderful! I think people will just love them! Good luck with your shows, and keep posting pictures of what you are working on -

:-) Molly

diane cook said...

Deborah...I love these. You ought to do very well selling these, as they say so much and are so beautiful to look at. And, of course, the colors you chose are gorgeous =)

diane cook said...

Deborah~I absolutely love these. Do you have any for sale? Need your e-mail address =)

Deborah Truesdell said...


You are truly making my day!! Here's my email and please send me your email, too!


Fanciful Expressions said...

Thank you my friend for your kind words. They are a balm for my breaking heart.