Friday, September 19, 2008

The knitting fool . . .

Well, you can see how I have been spending my time lately! I have been working on the other projects I wanted to make for Josiah. I love to sit and knit so it hasn't been a struggle to get into this! I need to finish up one more bootie and finish off the bear I am making then I can mail everything.
A funny thing to tell you. I have a cat named Sam who loves to sit on my printer while I am on the computer. The printer is off my right side and behind me. He sits up there purring and keeps reaching out and tapping my shoulder to make me turn around and pet him. He is very insistent about it and it always makes me smile because he has this sense of routine about "our" computer time. I don't really think it's a good idea to have him sitting up there on the printer, so please don't tell Dell in case I need to return it because it mysteriously quits working one day!
I don't think I 've mentioned that I am in a local ATC group. At our meeting ast night our challenge was to create a card using vinyl. I had fun with this one and just wanted to share another little piece of art from the little art room in the back.
Well, as you are all aware, these are interesting times for our country. I am feeling calm and secure, kind of like being in the eye of the hurricane and watching things swirl around me. So I leave you with these words for today: "At the heart of our essence and being is the place where all intention, thought, word and deed rest, and prepare to become the full manifestation of themselves." I just love those words, ". . . at the heart of our essence and being . . ."

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