Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vintage Spoon Book Project done with my BFF

I know these pictures don't do this project justice, but I so want to share about this on my blog. Several months ago, my friend Tamsie and I decided we wanted to start growing as artists by picking projects to do together. The only problem is I live in California and she is in Minnesota. Okay, it's not really a problem, we can use the mail to get things back and forth and the element of surprise is a big bonus. Tamsie picked the first project and it turned out to be one that we both initially agreed to,(something to do with a lot of blackness and we found that we couldn't really get into it after all.)
So the next pick was from Cloth Paper Scissors May/June 2008 edition. It's a Vintage Spoon Book by Kelli Perkins. This was just the ticket! We used alcohol inks, fibers, vintage spoons, vintage buttons and text. We both made one complete spoon for each other, and then we just colored one and sent it on to be decorated by the recipient. My spoons are the pinkish ones, and Tamsie's are the adorable little ones done in browns and moss greens. I put my "book" on an antique key I picked up at the flea market in Paris last year. What fun this was!!! It is my turn to pick the next project. I'll keep you posted!


Tamsie said...

How fun to see our project! As the "other artist" I love that we take the same project and approach it from such different directions.
I will refer Leslie to the site as I couldn't really explain to her what we were doing.
I knew in my gut that your project with be filled with textures and embellishments!
What a good time!

Anonymous said...

You and Tamsie created something very special here! How fun to have an art object with such meaning to it too! Of course, I love the added key from the Paris flea market!
Love, Pam

Fanciful Expressions said...

Hi Deborah,

How cute are those spoons!! Great idea and it looks as though you had fun doing them too.


MJ Alexander said...

What cool project! I love how yours turned out. I think I'm going to have to try this one out myself.

:-) Molly

Me! said...

Cool idea!

diane cook said...

I love these =)