Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lazy Summer Days . . .

Today finds me in the mood for love - not like you're thinking!!! Well, there is nothing wrong with that kind of love, but right now I am thinking about the love we express when we use our time. I was fortunate last week and found a used commercial paper rack for my art room. Most of you don't know I have been hoarding my papers in a rubber maid container, that wasn't really working out very well for me. I am ecstatic to have a real live paper rack for the art papers I am addicted to buying. Of course, the next thing was putting it in the room and then moving everything out of the way for it. One thing leading to another, total art room clean up. Ahhh, such a good feeling to have things at my disposal and the clean work spaces to play on!
I had such a fun class on Sunday. I taught a PMC class and the students were great! I love watching how people express their creativity using the same mediums. I don't know why, but I get blessed with the best students!
This weekend I am leaving for the Santa Cruz area to play at a workshop with Lorri Scott and DJ Pettitt. I am excited about a girls road trip with the express purpose of making art! Other than getting to go back to France, my next favorite kind of trip!
So today I have posted a picture from the first page of my new sketch book. It makes me happy to think I have already used all the pages in my other book and am now starting on a new one! Today, life is good and I hope a little of that joy finds it's way into your corner of the world.

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Tamsie said...

Come on, own that passion girlfriend. We need a blogger out there who isn't afraid to claim she wants to get a little action.
I'm love that you posted. I'm workkng the Hold Charge Off Data Base (yes, my life is full) and needed a good distraction.
I was jazzed to get my excess glass off the counter and into stepping stones this weekend. It helped to de-clutter my space :) Just makes room for new clutter!