Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday blogging . . .

It seems to me that I have fallen out of favor with the blogging scene lately. This is disappointing because I was so smitten when I first started. I have noticed that the other bloggers I visit have been cutting back on their blogging entries, too. Maybe we have just run out of words?!! Could it possibly be that we have really already said all we need/can/want to say?! Anyone who knows me will attest that I don't usually lack for words. For like writing, I do love to talk! Just look at my phone bill each month!
It appeared a bit of my passion had gone underground. It happens. What I count on is that it will come back, and with renewed energy. One way I can tell if I am getting back on track is the desire and ability to create returns. I have been playing in my art room. Things have been bubbling up in my brain and actually finding their way out of my fingers and into the real world. This is making me happy. I am able to let go of some things I know I won't do again and I am entering into some things that are enticing me to take them further. I am finding the sweet spot in my art again. And while it is raining here today, I smell the scent of spring in the air and warmth of the sun on my face.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, Glad you're feeling creative.Your work is so obviously from the heart, that it touches us all. In other words, keep it up! It's raining here too, and Tony and I can't wait to see the mountains when the sky finally clears. We can picture tons of snow and see some on the foothills from overnight! School is out today and then again next Monday. I love February!! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a great day at work and then dinner out with Tony. Love, Pam

Tamsie said...

Said all you can say??? Noooo. You have much to get out. I think it's the time of year. The transition from winter to spring. The economic melt down - that has an impact on the whole's a heavy vibration.

Fanciful Expressions said...

I sure hope you have more to say. I think it's quite a normal feeling to not always have something to say or create. I know I'm struggling with that at the moment as well.
As you feel more creative you'll have more to talk about. Your so talented my friend, keep it up.

Hugs to you,

diane said...

I believe we all have alot to say, just not enough hours in the day to do it. So much to do, and so little time. But, now you are having more time with your art. Isn't that what really matters?
Hugs my friend =)

Fanciful Expressions said...

Hi my friend,
Just stopping by to see how things are. Hope you're being creative and enjoying life.


Anonymous said...

from one creative mind to another this will come as a big surprise as you read this I will be thinking of you as I do everyday and hope that you are enjoying yourself.