Thursday, February 21, 2008

A blank piece of paper . . .

This morning found me in the little art room with my sketchbook in hand. Those that know me are aware that I am addicted to drawing these little faces. There is something very soothing and almost meditative for me when I draw them. That and circles, swirls and dots.

We are only going to get better at things if we keep doing them. We can't make a break through if we don't keep moving forward now, can we? The things I have been reading lately are reminding me to keep trusting in my art muse, she is not going to lead me in the wrong direction. Nor will yours.

I purposely did not post yesterday because I am like a mother hen with this blog thing. I don't want to smother it to death! I also realized it is going to help me stretch with my photography and getting more familar with Photo Shop. I have lots of photos, but haven't really done much with them. This affords me a new opportunity. I feel like a kid with a new bike and I just want to get out and keep riding it around the block all day!

"All your doubts are obstacles inhibiting your entry into the kingdom of real magic."

Create some magic in your life today.

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The Artful Eye said...

Hi Deb,
Something new I learned about you today.

I need to do more doodling, or sketching or both.

I like your doodle faces.

I'm so glad you're getting into this and looking forward to seeing lots more.

Have a wonderful Friday! Andrea