Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still of the optomistic mind set . . .

My heart is feeling very full at the moment. An overwhelming feeling of well being and gratitude is coloring my perceptions and experiences. In the ebb and flow of life, I love this grounded feeling. I wish I could remember that it is always available to me, but for today, I am thoroughly enjoying it! On those days I am kvetching and ranting, will one of you please kindly point me back to this post?!!
The New Year is bringing with it a feeling of wanting to do some new things. Known to a few near and dear to my heart, I struggle in ugly ways with doing art shows. I have decided to listen to that small voice that has been my constant companion which says, I am destined to teach and to give up doing art shows. So this year, my actions will be more geared in that direction. I totally trust the teaching experience and how it unfolds, a more engaging fit for all of us! I am going to take a yoga class. I found one being offered at the local junior college and the timing is perfect. I have also researched finding a book group, and am happy to say I have found a potential one I will be checking out at the end of the month. These are a few things I am doing to not change who I am, but rather letting who I am unfold more fully. I am learning to make peace with my decisions and make the best of this journey called my life. Wishing lightness of spirit to you today.

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geogems said...

Loved your "dark" quote. Looking forward to seeing you and hoping some of that positive energy rubs off. I'm afraid I read it too late, or rather it is never too late. xo geo