Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday morning reflections . . .

Settling back into the comfort of sitting here with my blog and letting a few ideas "spill on to the paper." I realized that I am resistant to being here when I find I haven't been creating and don't have new pictures to share everyday about my current project. I want to move beyond that and post new things when they happen, but give myself permission to come here when it may just be my words that I am creating with on any given day. I find myself wanting to take a time out with all the competition I have been imposing on myself in the creation process and allow myself the joy of just being in the process once again. I have missed that. I don't want to be justifying what I have been making or not making, and I want to honor my walk on my own path of discovery and achievement. And I want to stay connected with anyone who finds themselves on this page on any given day and wants to share where they are on their journey. It's the connection I crave, not the competition. Already my heart feels lighter for having shared this and I am happier for having been here today.

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Tamsie said...

Ok here's a thought...when you're really stuck, just snap a picture of your feet and post it. Then say: I heart my feet. What do you heart?
Hugs, me