Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a fun time!

As I mentioned in my last entry, my BFF has been in town visiting from Minnesota. Monday was the day she came to stay with me for a few days and we hit the ground running. Quick trip to Starbucks for coffee and then on to the art house workshop hosted by the lovely Denise! This was the perfect way to introduce said BFF to the wonderful group of women artists I am privileged to create with. What a fantastic time we had! I love the dynamics of working with this talented group of women. The picture posted is of the houses we created. Tamsie's is the green one (isn't it pretty?!) and mine is the ochre colored one. I now have a set of three of these houses hanging on my wall and I love them! Thanks to all the ladies for making this such a fun time! I feel truly blessed by the richness of my friendships!

The next fun project was to create the little journal books. Tams fell in love with the process and finished product and I see more of these in her future for sure! No trip would be complete without an journey to the art supply stores here in the San Diego area so we did that on the second day. Lots of beautiful handmade papers purchased by both of us at Dick Blicks, fun finds at the Architectural Salvage store in Little Italy (can't wait to work with the treasures I found there!), and lunch at the Beach House in Solana Beach sitting in the sun and soaking up the ocean view right on the beach! The Paper Source was our next destination (yup, we bought more paper)! Then home to play with the colorful polymer clay mosaics I learned to make in Laurie Mika's class. The pieces we created actual have spiraled wire coming out the top of them for inserting a couple of photos or ATC cards. We were able to take in a good walk in the morning of her last day, and a trip to the pier for more ocean viewing. One of the last things we did was to sit down with a couple of my art books and select projects we are going to both work on throughout the year to improve our artistic techniques. It was the perfect time. I will admit, my hostessing skills were not as honed as they could have been as I didn't prepare one meal for us! It was all dining out or lemon squares, another small contribution to stimulate the success of the local economy!

I missed her this morning when I got up for coffee and there was no art project spread out on the table waiting for us to sit down in our PJ's to work on. I can't wait until the next time already!


Fanciful Expressions said...

Well, you look sooooo happy,Deborah.
Sounds like you had a marvelous time making memories with your friend.
I love the houses you both made~~so precious.

I miss Dick Blick's. In Illinois we had one just a few minutes from our house. Here, we have Kroger and Walmart, that' it. AAhhh the joys of small town living. I'm still glad we moved here. Don't miss all the congestion that we had in IL.
Anyway, that's what my computer is for~~~~shopping.


Tamsie said...

Wow, it's great to see our projects (and us!) I had a blast. And, you are the BEST hostess. It's not about cooking, it's about the time and experiences.
I'm home, unpacked and at work, you guessed it, getting ready to sort through payroll.
I miss you too. It was a wonderful time.
It was amazing to have an adult Play Date at Denise's home. I could get addicted to that.
Miss you and the sun! We're supposed to get snow tonight. What the #)$)@$!