Monday, February 15, 2010

Stepping away for a few days. . .

Fantastic sunny day, birds chirping around the backyard feeders, a new book bag, pencil case and notebook to fill with the scribblings of my heart, yes, life is good. Checking in to say I am going to be visiting with my mom for a few days, playing Scrabble, helping her with some projects she wants help with, and enjoying the beautiful drive up the coast and back again. Catch up with you all when I get back.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Being aware of the potential . . .

The dramatic sky today reminds me of unrealized possibility. I wonder at the quality in my life that lets me look at things and visualize the potential in them, and then how many I never bring into being. They are like gems waiting their turn quietly on the shelf of my mind. Sometimes I think it is not about the actual creation itself, but it is more about the ability to imagine them in the first place. The spark that says, I see this and it makes me think about that. The quality of seeing with new eyes and appreciating with an inventor's heart. Connecting the outside with the inside.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artist Support

What a fun afternoon I had! I signed up for Mystele Kirkeeng's Art Sentiments mini e-growth course and loved watching her videos this afternoon. She is such a warm artist, giving, talented and so down to earth! I am happy I signed up for this class and can't wait to go play after I am done chatting with you guys! Please stop by and check her out, I know you will love what you see on her site. She is offering an introductory price on the class so head over there before the window closes on that! She also has a blog  I stop by regularly and see what she is up to. I know this probably feels like and infomercial, but I really do get inspired by Mystele's art and I would just like to lend her some support from my blog. This was totally unsolicated, I just like it when we can all share the good things we know about on our blog sites. So go check her out and see if this is something you just to have do for yourself .